Please reach out to our café’s retail shelf in-store for your favourite coffee beans and home-friendly equipments.

Our Coffee Soap is handmade locally by ‘Adelaide Handmade Soap‘, using Coffylosophy Recycled Coffee Grounds, natural products, and biodegradable packaging.

– Eco-friendly
– Handmade locally
– Caffeine helps fight – psoriasis, acne, eczema, cell damage
– Reduces eye puffiness, skin redness, bad odour, cellulite
– No brown water effect
– Exfoliates and moisturises at the same
– Delicious fragrance lifts your mood

Our vision is to create a new way to look at recycling. This is just one of the few ways – by simply using our Coffee grounds. Instead of just throwing them all away, which only adds up to the landfills, we are trying our best to minimise waste, being our small way of saving the environment.